As an award-winning graphic designer and art director, I have been creating and producing successful marketing communications solutions for a wide range of clients including financial, biotechnology, electronic technology, education and non-profit organizations, to name a few. Types of projects and campaigns have been equally varied such as, annual reports, corporate identity programs, collateral, advertising and architectural signage.

These projects not only succeeded in capturing the attention of the clients' target audiences, they were accomplished on time and on budget thanks, in part, to an equally comprehensive strategic marketing communications plan delineating the goals and objectives to be met and the procedures to achieve them. With such a plan in place, thoughtfully researched and creative solutions are more focused with results more easily achieved.

During my career, I have always included the needs of non-profit organizations focusing on quality-of-life issues such as the environment, human rights, health, the arts, and education. As marketing communications professionals, I believe a moral obligation exits to make these contributions whenever possible.

Along with a close-knit "family" of strategic partners dedicated to the success of their projects, I have added MyWebTeam as another integral, strategic partner in site design, implementation and development, web hosting and multimedia solutions. Their attitudes for teamwork and the talent to make success a reality, mirrors those of the 'family' while strengthening opportunities for my clients in an ever-changing business climate.

If you need to see printed samples of the portfolio, they have, unfortunately, evaporated over time. As an environmentally friendly alternative, however, PDFs or JPEGs can be emailed upon request.